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== Purpose ==
A ''group box'' is a labeled rectangular frame that surrounds a set of related controls. A group box is a way to show relationships visually; it provides no additional functionality.
== Example ==
== Guidelines ==
=== Is this the right control ===
* Always use a group box to arrange related controls.
=== Behavior ===
* Do not nest grouping elements; use layout to show relationships within a group.
* Do not place controls in group box’ caption.
* Do not disable groups. To indicate that a group of controls doesn't currently apply, disable all the controls within the group, but not the group itself.
* Put a [[Projects/Usability/HIG/Splitter| splitter]] between aligned grouping controls.
===  Appearance ===
* Label the group box with a descriptive caption.
* Do not assign an access key to the group box’ caption.
== Implementation ==

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