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Report problems

If you found an area that was unclear or is not even covered in our HIG, tell us about it. We can be reached on the kde-guidelines mailing-list.


Following is a set of guidelines to ensure the HIG itself is consistent.


  • Use the word Control, not Widget to refer to a user interface element. Rationale: "Control" is more widespread outside the UNIX community. It is also reasonable to expect more and more applications will be written using QtQuick and QtQuick controls in the future.
  • Use check box and combo box, not checkbox or combobox.


Start page

  • Figure out what to do of the legacy stuff (at the bottom of the page)




Recommendation should be checked


Add subsections


Check against recommendation.

Choose between either:

  1. In any other case, use the dual-list pattern because it allows users to easily see which items are selected at any point, without having to scroll through the available options
  2. Use a list box for multiple selections with more than five options.

Get a new type of check boxes for list views implemented: KCheckBoxes:

  • KCB are flat (no frame, no shadow, no bevel) for clear differentiation from normal check boxes.
  • KCB are hidden by default, that means when no list item is selected.
  • KCB have a fade-in effect on mouse over to introduce themselves to users.
  • KCB are transparent and therby clearly part of the list item.
  • Legacy keyboard use applies to KCB as well. Thus, the whole item can be clicked to toggle option.


  • Redo screenshots using Designer
  • Fix missing page: list



  • Refresh page: it is copied from GNOME guidelines and contains references to figures we do not have




  • Add screenshots


  • Do not add controls to notification.
    • Thomas: I would remove this. Adding action buttons is allowed in the API and has reasonable use cases, other controls simply cannot be added technically
  • Do not override system settings.
    • (remark: more specific)
    • Thomas: Which settings do you mean here?
  • Provide title and content text
    • (remark: not precise enough)
    • Thomas: guidelines regarding the wording of title and content are indeed very important. Maybe celeste can help here.
  • Customize notification with the origin's icon.
    • Heiko: word "origin" needs to be replaced; "icon" might be replaced by technical term
  • Provide actionable information (e.g. "Low battery power" "Only 13 min (2%) capacity remaining. Please save your stuff now. Your system will get shut down soon.")
    • should be according actual text
  • Heiko: to be defined: Are all notifications configured in KCM? If not, how to separate?
    • Kai Uwe: All notifications emitted through KNotify (ie. application has a notifyrc file) can be configured. Using the FDO notification dbus iface directly is discouraged. In 4.11 there's a configure button on notifications.

kdehig repository

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