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= Report problems =
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If you found an area that was unclear or is not even covered in our HIG, tell us about it. We can be reached on the [https://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kde-guidelines kde-guidelines] mailing-list.
= Conventions =
Following is a set of guidelines to ensure the HIG itself is consistent.
== Terminology ==
* Use the word '''Control''', not '''Widget''' to refer to a user interface element. Rationale: "Control" is more widespread outside the UNIX community. It is also reasonable to expect more and more applications will be written using QtQuick and QtQuick controls in the future.
* Use '''check box''' and '''combo box''', not '''checkbox''' or '''combobox'''.
= TODO =
== Start page ==
* Figure out what to do of the legacy stuff (at the bottom of the page)
== [[Projects/Usability/HIG/Dialogs]] ==
* Fix missing page: [[Design_and_Layout:Interaction:Input#Inline Editing|inline-editing]]
* Fix missing page: [[Guidelines:Info Panel|info panels]]
* Review guidelines about alignments: they duplicate/contradict the one from [[Projects/Usability/HIG/Form_Label_Alignment|Form: Label Alignment]]
== [[Projects/Usability/HIG/ListView]] ==
=== Purpose ===
Recommendation should be checked
=== Guidelines ===
Add subsections
=== Selection ===
Check against recommendation.
Choose between either:
# In any other case, use the dual-list pattern because it allows users to easily see which items are selected at any point, without having to scroll through the available options
# Use a list box for multiple selections with more than five options.
Get a new type of check boxes for list views implemented: KCheckBoxes:
* KCB are flat (no frame, no shadow, no bevel) for clear differentiation from normal check boxes.
* KCB are hidden by default, that means when no list item is selected.
* KCB have a fade-in effect on mouse over to introduce themselves to users.
* KCB are transparent and therby clearly part of the list item.
* Legacy keyboard use applies to KCB as well. Thus, the whole item can be clicked to toggle option.
== [[Projects/Usability/HIG/Radio_Buttons]] ==
* Add inline examples of do and don't
== [[Projects/Usability/HIG/Check_Box]] ==
* Redo screenshots using Designer
* Fix missing page: [[Projects/Usability/HIG/ListBox| list]]
== [[Projects/Usability/HIG/SOU_Workspace/Two_Lists]] ==
* Move to Projects/Usability/HIG/Two_Lists? That is, drop "SOU_Workspace" from the url
* Redo screenshots using Designer
* Fix missing page: [[../Selecting Items from a Pool|Selecting Items from a Pool]]
* Fix missing page: [[../Picker Dialog|Picker Dialog]]
== [[Projects/Usability/HIG/Slider]] ==
* Refresh page: it is copied from GNOME guidelines and contains references to figures we do not have
== [[Projects/Usability/HIG/Notifications]] ==
* Finish it (currently marked "Under Construction")
== [[Projects/Usability/HIG/KNS]] ==
* Redo screenshots
== [[Projects/Usability/HIG/Wording]] ==
* ''Use Options for a configuration dialog which provide.'': Ask Celeste what she meant to add after ''provide''.
== [[Projects/Usability/HIG/Exclamation_points]] ==
* Redo screenshots
== [[Projects/Usability/HIG/Date_Time_Pickers]] ==
* Pick one of KDateComboBox and KDateWidget or provide guidelines explaining when to use one or the other
* Review the dropdown of KDateComboBox: it is probably too big
== [[Projects/Usability/HIG/Menu_Bar]] ==
* Redo screenshots
== [[Projects/Usability/HIG/Slider_and_Spin_Box]] ==
* What happens if when SSB gets the focus?
* Do we want to encourage the use of combined control?
* In which case should the simple slider be favored?
== [[../edits]]==
* Split in two pages: line edits and text edits
== [[../Combo_Box]]==
* Split in two pages: drop-down and combobox
== kdehig repository ==
* Document how to use it
* Move it to KDE playground
* Integrate designer files from http://techbase.kde.org/File:HIG-UI-Files.tar.gz
= Wish list =
* Balloons

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