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There are two types of capitalization, title capitalization and sentence style capitalization.
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==Title Capitalization==
Title capitalization is when every word in a sentence, statement, phrase, or label are capitalized except for certain words.  Capitalize all words except for:
*  Prepositions having less than five letters, (e.g. "for", "in", "with" or "to", but "From" or "Under")
*  Conjunctions ("and", "or" and "but")
*  Articles ("the", "a" and "an")
Use '''title capitalization''' in the following cases:
* Window and dialog box titles
* Group box / group line labels
* button labels
* Tab labels
* Listview column headers
* Menu titles / menu items
* Derivatives of KCommand
* Combobox items
* Listbox items
* Tree list items
* Other heading/title text
==Sentence Style Capitalization==
Sentence style capitalization is when the first letter of the sentence, statement, phrase, or label is capitalized and all other words are lower case.  The only exception to this is proper nouns which are always capitalized.
Use '''sentence style capitalization''' in the following cases:
* Edit box labels
* List box labels
* Combo box labels
* Spin box labels
* Check box labels
* Option button labels
* Spin box labels
* Slider labels
* Pop-up hint text
* Other non heading/title text

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