Projects/Summer of Code/2006

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24 student projects have been selected.

Task Mentor
A language agnostic refactoring API for kdevelop Oleksandr Dymo
Advanced Session Management Lubos Lunak
avKode - A Phonon Backend using FFMPEG Matthias Kretz
Bezier and Scissors Tools for Krita Bart Coppens
C# parser / integration for KDevelop Oleksandr Dymo
Commenting tools for KPDF Albert Astals Cid
DAAP Support for amaroK Jeff Mitchell
Full featured open source NX client for KDE Kurt Pfeifle
Full native ODF and MathML support in KFormula David Faure
GMail style conversations for KMail Till Adam
KDEPIM Google Calendar synchronization using OpenSync Cornelius Schumacher
KJS Debugger Maksim Orlovich
Koffice: Heading recognition in KWord and basic version control Boudewijn Rempt
KPhysics Zack Rusin
Oscar Filetransfer for Kopete Matt Rogers
Phonon Backend using NMM Marco Lohse
QQ - A new protocol for Kopete William Stephenson
Rapid linux desktop startup through pre-caching Lubos Lunak
Screen recording in KDE Kévin Ottens
Sleek Linear Scheduler for KDE PIM Aaron Seigo
SQL database back-end for KPhotoAlbum Jesper K Pedersen
Teamwork-Mode for KDevelop Matt Rogers
WorKflow Kevin Krammer
Writing a widget (View/Delegate) for KOffice 2.0 based on Qt4's Model/View architecture Cyrille Berger

The original list of ideas is still present on our Wiki.

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