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* Language(s): English, possibly French as well
* Language(s): English, possibly French as well
* Presenting:
* Presenting: Troy Unrau (if approved)
* Possibly Attending: danborne
* Possibly Attending: danborne
* Definitely Attending:  
* Definitely Attending:
=Passed Events=
=Passed Events=

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[edit] Prospective upcoming ones

[edit] Southeast LinuxFest

June 13 2009


in Clemson, South Carolina, United States of America

  • Registration is open as of March 11, 2009
  • Language(s): English
  • geiseri is in BIG BOLD on the front page as giving a talk. :D anybody else?
  • Presenting: gesieri, ?
  • Attending: geiseri, ?
  • Possibly attending: ?

[edit] O'Reilly's Oscon

July 20-24 2009 During the week

in San Jose, California, United States of Ameica


  • we have a booth: geiseri is contact liason
  • Probably big; Possibly somewhat corporate; definitely technical
  • Language(s): English
  • Unconference presenting: ?
  • Definitely attending: ?
  • Possibly attending: blauzahl, danborne

[edit] LinuxWorld (SF)

August 12-13

in San Francisco, California, United States of America


  • Language(s): English
  • This is now called "open source world"; very corporate
  • Big, but not as big as it once was
  • more disorganized... contacts unreachable
  • Looks like we are skipping.

[edit] Atlanta Linux Fest

September 19 2009 (Software Freedom Day)

in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America


  • There is a call for papers right now (as of March 21, 2009), they can be emailed to:

papers at atlantalinuxfest.org

  • Language(s): English
  • Presenting: ?
  • Possibly attending: mpyne
  • Definitely attending: ?

[edit] LinuxCon

September 21-23 2009

in Portland, Oregon, United States of America


  • Check cfp?
  • Language(s): English
  • Presenting:
  • Possibly attending:
  • Definitely attending:

[edit] Ohio Linuxfest

Sept 26 2009

in Columbus, Ohio, United States of America



  • speaker phil@ohiolinux.org
  • sponsor sponsor@ohiolinux.org
  • general team@ohiolinux.org
  • Language(s): English
  • Presenting:
  • Possibly attending: danborne
  • Definitely attending:

[edit] Ontario Linux Fest

Saturday 24 Octorber 2009

in Toronto, Ontario, Canada



  • richard@onlinux.ca
  • Call for Papers <papers@onlinux.ca>
  • Sponsorship <sponsorship@onlinux.ca>
  • Volunteering <volunteering@onlinux.ca>
  • General Information <info@onlinux.ca>
  • Language(s): English, possibly French as well
  • Presenting: Troy Unrau (if approved)
  • Possibly Attending: danborne
  • Definitely Attending:

[edit] Passed Events

[edit] Collaboration Summit

April 8-10 2009

in San Francisco, CA


  • invitation only
  • steve gave a talk; zahl was on a panel

[edit] Northwest Linuxfest

April 25-26 2009

in Bellingham, WA (south of Seattle)


  • see Dan's page for planning:


  • we had a booth
  • we had speakers (zahl, chani, jefferai, condordes)
  • hardware transport was problematic (shipping to school)
  • gave out candy and pepsi

[edit] Penguicon

May 1-3 2009


in Romulus, Michigan

  • This one is just goofy: a science fiction convention mixed with an open source convention. Nixternal went one year and had a blast. We've missed getting on the program, though, and this isn't something where you'd do a booth.

[edit] Sites with Linux Event Listings

[edit] Information about them

  1. Name
  2. Place
  3. Date
  4. Language(s)
  5. URLs
  • Homepage
  • Meeting Schedule
  • Topics
  • Speakers
  1. Deadlines
  • Booth
  • Devroom
  • Speaker Slots
  • Attendees
  1. KDE Booth (yes/no)
  2. KDE Devroom (yes/no)
  3. KDE Speakers List (names/topics)
  4. Event Contact
 ## Name
 ## E-mail
  1. KDE Contact for Meeting
 ## Name
 ## E-mail
 ## Mailing List, Website, etc. for status updates 
  1. Ready to go / needs volunteers
  2. Meeting reports

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