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Formal Names

In documents, these should be used. The marketing website is out of date.

KDE and the KDE devel framework, the KDE Workspace, KDE Edu, KDE Games, Gwenview, Konqueror, Dolphin, Amarok, KOffice, etc, etc

What does the K stand for? KDE?

"when the project was first started, it was a play on the term 'CDE' which was the dominant UNIX desktop environment at the time. It stood for 'Common Desktop Environment'. Well, this was going to be better than common. It was going to be *cooool*. Being German, they replaced the 'c' with a 'k' and called it KDE. But within the year, the meaning was dropped and now it's just a letter ... which is what has subsquently happened to the rest of the acronym as well."

It's like 3M .. they make all kinds of goods and what not, but the name actually stands for Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing. They never did start mining commerically, however, and today it's just '3M'." --- aseigo

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