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Plasma Meeting In Oporto

TokamakII is 6-9th February 2009 in Porto, Portugal.


Budgeted For

Nameapproximate travel costscoming fromreimbursement
Aaron Seigo690 EuroCalgary0%+
Nuno Pinheiro0€Porto0%
Artur Souza (MoRpHeUz)1300 €Recife0-50%
Rob Scheepmaker250€Enschede50%+
Davide Bettio80 euro (already paied)-0%
Riccardo Iaconelli~50€-80-100%
Marco Martinaround 80€ (same flight as Davide)-0-50%
Sebastian Kügler80 euro (already paied)-0%
Chani690 Euro?Vancouver80%+
Anne-Marie Mahfouf256.60€Toulouse80%
Leo Franchi (amarok liaison :)90€London80%+
Alexis MenardI don't knowOslo0%

Late Comers - Need Budgeting

Nameapproximate travel costscoming fromreimbursement
Kevin Ottens270€Toulouse80%
Rich Moore220 GBPManchester0%

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