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(Time and Location)
(Plasma Meeting In Oporto)
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== Gueting there ==
== Gueting there ==
[http://www.metrodoporto.pt/document/827457/868369.pdf metro map]
== Attendance ==
== Attendance ==
Aaron Seigo
Aaron Seigo

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Plasma Meeting In Oporto


After the very successful first Tokamac in Millan, Italy we would like to repeat this at the second Plasma developer meeting in the beautiful city of Oporto, Portugal. The local ISEP institute, kindly offered to host this meeting. ISEP is very interested in Open Source technologies especially exiting and promissing ones like KDE's Plasma. ISEP wants its students of computer science to experience Open Source Software creation and community.

Time and Location

This meeting is from 6th to 9th of February 2009 in the Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto, Rua Dr. António Bernardino de Almeida, 431 4200-072 Porto. The building can be used from 8:00 to 23:30 on the days of the meeting.

Gueting there

metro map


Aaron Seigo

Nuno Pinheiro

Artur Souza

Rob Scheepmaker

Davide Bettio

Riccardo Iaconelli

Marco Martin

Sebastian Kügler


Anne-Marie Mahfouf

Leo Franchi

Alexis Menard

Kevin Ottens

Rich Moore

Talks and Workshops

Sebastian Kügler

Presenting the Nepomuk/Crystal integration.

Anne-Marie Mahfouf

Picture Frame applet: present and future.

Nuno Pinheiro

Presenting the new plasma Oxygen theme air, new UI ideas for diferent use cases.

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