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===Drag and Drop===
===Drag and Drop===
* CA: plasmoid DnD sucks
* CA: plasmoid DnD sucks
* FH: there is an outstanding merge request for adding alpha support in drag & drop pixmaps
* FH: there is an outstanding [http://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qt/merge_requests/1729 merge request] for adding alpha support in drag & drop pixmaps

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Plasma KDE SC 4.5 Goal Setting Meeting


  • Aaron Seigo
  • Chani Armitage
  • Marco Martin
  • Fredrik Hoglund
  • Artur de Souza
  • Ivan Cukic
  • Jacopo de Simoi
  • Alessandro Diaferia
  • Will Stephenson (minutes)


  • New activity chooser needed for 4.5
  • CA: to write up activities design from Tokamak4
  • Sources at trunk/playground/base/nepomuk-kde/libactivities
  • Needs splitting into kded module and nepomuk service


  • AS: mobile important because changes here affect the rest of the platform
  • MM concentration on mobile over polish for 4.5
  • AS: 4.5 to include Mobile Shell Tech Preview


  • How can the polish be coordinated? Wiki?
  • JS: general performance and responsiveness improvements needed - valgrind
    • AS: yes, but target specific components
  • AS has been polishing extenders
    • MM would like to be able to detach extenders to separate view windows, and make extendergroups real parents of their group items.
  • Exec dataengine should become a Service
  • AdS: 4.5 will be compared with 3.5 by everyone. Therefore Plasma needs as much polish as possible for 4.5.
  • JS: solid and dolphin notifications could be moved to the normal framework, for more consistency
  • JS: would like to enable DnD of devices to the desktop
    • AS: could somehow use semantic tagging to route all these notifications
  • FH considering getting rid of the listview popup in folderview, and show the icon view in the popup instead, better with vertical panels
  • FH: when you toggle compositing the margins in all toplevel plasma windows are screwed up afterwards. MM to handle
  • FH: kpixmapcache has a crash when when you change the color scheme, plasma theme, wallpaper, toggle compositing, enable/disable a desktop effect
  • MM: big bug of randomly freezing event loops
  • AS: KRunner hits need paging, Amarok runner may return 40000 hits, creating 40000 ResultItems, very slowly.
  • Quicksand KRunner interface is basically unmaintained
    • AdS: Move it back to playground?
    • AS: leaving it unpolished may encourage someone to contribute
  • AS: Widget Explorer needs polishing
  • Remote Widgets
    • MM: Need a way to migrate configuration of remote widgets

Drag and Drop

  • CA: plasmoid DnD sucks
  • FH: there is an outstanding merge request for adding alpha support in drag & drop pixmaps


  • New features for JS
    • DataEngines
    • Runners
    • Animations
    • plasmoid improvements
  • AS: could use help but can manage if none is forthcoming


  • AdS: would like to get Sharebin in 4.5 but may not have time. Uses scripted plugins, like how Comic plasmoid works.

Notifications and Systray

  • MM has been focusing on this for 4.5, the broad features are basically done

Dataengine caching between boots

  • MM would like DataEngines to be able to cache old query results, giving content on reboot when network is down
  • AS: could be a job for Plasma::Storage



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