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{{Warning| The Plasma project pages have moved to [http://community.kde.org/Plasma community.kde.org/Plasma]}}
== About Plasma ==
;[[Projects/Plasma/FAQ|Plasma FAQ]]
== Developer Coordination ==
=== Documentation ===
;[[Projects/Plasma/RecommendedReading|Recommended Reading on interaction design]]
=== Interface Standards and Research ===
;[[Projects/Plasma/PURP|Plasma User Research Profile]]
;[[Projects/Plasma/PIG|The P.I.G. (Plasma Interface Guidelines)]]
;[[Projects/Plasma/TheWaysOfThePlasma|The ways of the Plasma]]
=== Descriptions ===
;[[Projects/Plasma/Package|Plasmagik packages]]
;[[Projects/Plasma/Architecture|Plasma Architecture]]
;[[Projects/Plasma/ZUI|The ZUI. (Zooming User Interface)]]
=== Planning ===
;[[Projects/Plasma/Services|Plasma::Service and Jolie Integration]]
;[[Projects/Plasma/Tasks|Open Tasks List]]
;[[Projects/Plasma/API Changes|API Change Proposals]]
;[[Projects/Plasma/Education|Education Set Proposals]]
== Plasmoids ==
;[[Projects/Plasma/Plasmoids|List of known plasmoids]]
;[[Projects/Plasma/Welcome|Welcome Applet]]
;[[Projects/Plasma/Calendar|Calendar plasmoid design]]
;[[Projects/Plasma/TaskMan|Task Manager plasmoid design]]
;[[Projects/Plasma/Menu|Raptor menu plasmoid design]]
;[[Projects/Plasma/NewWidgetDesign|New Plasma Widget Design]]
== Meetings ==
Summaries and logs of scheduled plasma meetings can be found on the following pages:
;[[Projects/Plasma/Akademy2k8|Akademy 2008]]
;[[Projects/Plasma/20080209|February 9, 2008]]
;[[Projects/Plasma/20070207|February 21, 2007]]

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