Where would one put general requirements for plasmoids? For example I think that a plasmoid should be able to fix itself to a normal window, e.g. a kopete chat-window and act as "plug-on", i.e. communicate with the chat-window and e.g. display the buddy-icon of that chat-partner or contact-details, such as new email received by kmail etc.

So plasmoids would have to be able to start automatically when a new chat-window opens and attach themselves to it.

start by discussing it on the plasma-devel at kde dot org mailing list where this is on-topic. please be prepared with actual "how this can be achieved" technical details.

I don't know where to report this so I'll do so here: the notice on that links to this wiki links to "Projects/Plasma/" (note the trailing slash), which is a non-existing page, the right one being "Projects/Plasma".

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== Plasmoids should be able to float above other windows

If i am browsing with a maximized firefox and would like to keep myself updated with data provided by some plasmoid then it should be able to float above firefox

For example file changes. I believe there is some plasmoid for keeping track of changes made to files and directories. If i am browsing the internet with a maximized firefox window then i can not minimize firefox everytime to update myself for file changes. Instead the plasmoid should be able to float above firefox window so i can do both the things simultaneously. You should be able to set the transparency independently for each plasmoid.

This is a V E R Y I M P O R T A N T usability issue.

Important Plasmoids

I think a plasma desktop should be come with an essential group of plasmoids. I suggest the following:

-Todo list or say Tasks - a nice place to reminding you what you should do.


-Clock - a small and eye candy clock on the system tray

-Weather Forecast or information to be able to anticipate conditions you'll face when leaving your room.

-Connections information to visualize the connection you have. this plasmoid answer the question: "Is the computer correctly connected to the network?"

-A regular console/tty, to run any text/curses) programs, like aptitude or mail or any xmacro/dcop/bash script. (note: I wouldn't want to re-adopt KDE4 without it and would very happily install kde4 and give it another go with it present).

-Network transfer visualisations. An image of a horizontal pipe (barchart), with time running along the horizontal and bandwidth as its height, should show current downloads, with the estimated total time for the transfer and how much bandwidth it will consume meanwhile. Transfers (files or overall webpage downloads, for example) could be colour-coded and saved in SVG (animated pipes) for logging visualisation. This would be useful as something approaching an at-a-glance bandwidth consumption, and more enlightening than a knowing only total bandwidth consumption over time.

Please add more!

Best regards Zayed Al-Saidi (and others)

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