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== Developer Coordination ==
== Developer Coordination ==
;[[/Tasks|Current tasks]]
;[[/Tasks|Current tasks]]
;[[/Services|Service Standards]]: .desktop file naming, contents, etc
;[[/Package|Plasmagik packages]]
;[[/Package|Plasmagik packages]]

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Plasma logo.jpg

About Plasma

Plasma FAQ

Developer Coordination

Current tasks
Service Standards
.desktop file naming, contents, etc
Plasmagik packages
Interactive widgets provided by libplasma
Plasma Architecture
The P.I.G. (Plasma Interface Guidelines)
Recommended Reading on interaction design
The ZUI. (Zooming User Interface)
4.1 Roadmap
Instructions useful to get to the 2008 Plasma Sprint


List of known plasmoids
Welcome Applet
Clock plasmoid design
Calendar plasmoid design
Task Manager plasmoid design
Raptor menu plasmoid design
Plasmoids that are in a known broken state


Summaries and logs of scheduled plasma meetings can be found on the following pages:

February 9, 2008
February 21, 2007

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