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This is a contact list for the people working on the KDEPIM project. Please add a link to your identity if you are helping out in any way with the KDEPIM libraries, applications, buildsystem, documentation, webpages, etc.


Project Maintainer Active Contributors Once a Month Contributors Patch review only
Module Coordinator Allen Winter <>
Buildsystem krop
akonadi Volker Krause <>
gpgme++ Marc Mutz <>


Project Maintainer Active Contributors Contributors Emeritus
Module Coordinator Allen Winter <>
Buildsystem krop
akregator Frank Osterfeld
blogilo Mehrdad Momeny <>
calendarsupport Sérgio Martins <>
calendarviews Sérgio Martins <>
incidenceeditor-ng Sérgio Martins <>
kabcclient Kevin Krammer <>
kaddressbook Tobias Koenig <>
kalarm David Jarvie <>
kdgant1 KDAB
kdgant2 KDAB
kjots Stephen Kelly <>
kleopatra Marc Mutz <>
kmailcvt Danny Kukawka <>
knode Olivier Trichet <>
korganizer Allen Winter <> Sérgio Martins <>
kresources DEPRECATED
ktimetracker Thorsten Staerk <>
libkleo Marc Mutz <>
libksieve Marc Mutz <>
mailcommon Andras Mantia <>
messagecomposer Leo Franchi <> (patch review only)
messageviewer Torgny Nyblom <> Andras Mantia <>
mobile Andras Mantia <>
resource akonotes
resource birthday
resource contacts
resource dav
resource ical
resource imap
resource kolabproxy
resource maildir
resource mbox
resource mixed maildir
resource nepomuktag
resource nntp
resource openxchange
resource pop3

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