Talk:KDE PIM/PIMsters

(01:21:33 pm) sergio: so first page we need, "Who is kdepim?", with some tables with columns <modules> <maintainers> <contributors>

(01:22:02 pm) sergio: for example, i have a question about the build system, i just go to the wiki, and see I can ask krop

(01:23:41 pm) sergio: we should list more than the maintainers, people with know how on a subject

(01:24:25 pm) sergio: we could do an svn log and see who are the active contributors of each folder

(01:25:01 pm) sergio: another thing this is useful for, is anwswering: What the state of development of "program foo"

(01:25:14 pm) sergio: for example, what's going on in KJots?

(01:25:22 pm) sergio: or akregator ?

(01:25:33 pm) sergio: should be just a matter of going to wiki

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