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(Added package-x-generic, and cleaned text-x-preview from the Tango-only list as it doesn't exist there (anymore?).)
(Now I get these icons: they're intended to be used e.g. in OpenOffice for the "New document -> (...whatever type...)" action, or similar.)
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  text-x-script                  OK
  text-x-script                  OK
  video-x-generic                OK
  video-x-generic                OK
  x-office-address-book          Needed? (move from "vcard"?)
  x-office-address-book          Needed
  x-office-calendar              Needed? (copy from "text-calendar"?)
  x-office-calendar              Needed
  x-office-document              OK (but needed?)
  x-office-document              OK
  x-office-presentation          Needed? (copy from the ODP icon?)
  x-office-presentation          Needed
  x-office-spreadsheet            OK (but needed?)
  x-office-spreadsheet            OK
'''These are included in Tango:'''
'''These are included in Tango:'''

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Specification compliance of icon names

With MIME types, there is no complete list of icon names in the spec. Therefore, they are divided in categories:

Standard FD.o MIME Types

This is the complete list in the FD.o spec:

 application-x-executable        OK
 audio-x-generic                 OK
 font-x-generic                  (valid? font-* is not in IANA.)
 image-x-generic                 OK
 package-x-generic               OK (valid? package-* is not in IANA.)
 text-html                       OK
 text-x-generic                  OK
 text-x-generic-template         Needed
 text-x-script                   OK
 video-x-generic                 OK
 x-office-address-book           Needed
 x-office-calendar               Needed
 x-office-document               OK
 x-office-presentation           Needed
 x-office-spreadsheet            OK

These are included in Tango:


It has not yet been determined which Tango icons we will need to use.

Icons for Standard MIME Types

This is the complete list in the FD.o spec Non-regular files:

 inode-blockdevice               Needed
 inode-chardevice                Needed
 inode-directory                 OK
 inode-fifo                      Needed
 inode-mount-point               Not needed, because it's not
                                 displayed as its own icon
 inode-socket                    Not needed (right?)
 inode-symlink                   Not needed, because it's not
                                 displayed as its own icon

Other MIME types conforming to IANA

 application-xhtml+xml           OK
 text-vcalendar                  OK
 text-plain                      OK

Note for IANA conformity, see: [1]

Other MIME types needed for KDE

 application-x-bittorrent        OK
 application-x-mswinurl          OK

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