The current Oxygen style and window decoration for KDE4 can be found in SVN under and


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Incoming New Bugs

  • When the tabbar has many tabs, so that not all of them can be shown at once, arrow buttons are drawn to navigate to the other tabs. These arrows are painted incorrectly, see this bug report.
  • A QRadioButton in the oxygen style does not report the size of the icon through iconSize() correctly; when using the iconSize() the painted button will be cut off.
  • An icon set on a [Q]PushButton is not drawn respecting QAbstractButton::abstractSize() - look at the user pic selector in kcmshell4 kdm->Users.
  • On a menu, it is not possible to see which menu is actually active.
See this bug report
  • In Beta4, it seems that the WinDeco doesn't yet get the color scheme from the kcm color module. i.e., changing the active/inactive window colors doesn't seem to actually work.
  • In (double) spinboxes the font is positioned one pixel too high. Lowering it one makes it baseline-aligned with labels in front. Unfortunately not possible
what about altering the size hints so the whole widget moves down? Trouble is we want them to be the same size as editable comboboxes and lineedits and buttons so those line up. The 1px wrong placement of text is a qt weirdness that gives visual bugs when we try to work around it - believe me - I've spent several hours on this.
  • The ok and cancel buttons on dialogs (so called 'control buttons') don't have the same width. Not a style problem
  • Centered group titles pose several problems. Left align group titles instead. See Discussion for more details.
  • Window decoration scales the menu icons down resulting in the icons blurring. Interestingly in the kwindecoration kcmshell the preview shows the 16x16/mimetypes/unknown.png icon at its correct 16x16 size, but as soon as the use the deco for real, it starts blurring them. (This is also true for KDE4's Plastik deco). Djmdave 22:26, 28 October 2007 (CET)
  • If a menu has all of its options disabled, then pressing the right key does nothing. Here is a small test app to expose the problem:
#include <QtGui>

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
    QApplication app(argc, argv);

    QMainWindow w;
    QMenu *m1 = w.menuBar()->addMenu("&File");
    QMenu *m2 = w.menuBar()->addMenu("&Edit");
    QMenu *m3 = w.menuBar()->addMenu("&Action");

    QAction *a1 = m2->addAction("Bar");
    QAction *a2 = m2->addAction("Boo");

    return app.exec();

Save this in its own folder, and run with qmake -project && qmake && make If you run qtconfig and select Oxygen, the bug appears - you cannot press right to scroll through the menus. It works with other styles however.

Known Bugs

  • tabs
    • east and west aren't done at all priority
    • small glitches in filling inactive tabs priority
    • tab bar edge should extend full length of widget releasable
  • Dockers
    • frame when floating should have rounded corners releasable
  • KHTML integration
    • khtml makes illegal assumptions about buttons. Awaits patch review by Maxim showstopper
  • "flat" buttons drawn same as regular buttons releasable
  • KLineEdit
    • stylesheets ruin the look. Aseigo says to wait for qt fix showstopper
  • Holes in general
    • need bigger margins so shadow/glow are not lost?
    • fix non-rounded corners when filling (at least) lineedits priority
    • with autoFillBackground, corners are overpainted (how to fix this??) priority
  • QToolBox not drawn showstopper
  • need to audit color role use (see QA #3) showstopper
  • Reverse layout is broken
    • listview,tablevies paint the frame in LTR place Qt issue 137304 releasable
  • progress bars still not like the artist wants priority
  • menus not done releasable
    • KMenu::addTitle() adds a widget action to display a title in a popup menu. This is not specific to Oxygen, but the widget it creates could use some polishing. (to see this, right click any icon in the system tray)
  • windeco
    • corners should really be alpha transparent releasable
  • should repaint on globalChange signal (how?) releasable
    • this seems to only be a problem for the colors kcm, may not even be a style bug
  • headers in tables
    • not really done - but the plain color look is acceptable for now releasable
  • checkboxes in Q3ListView (Kontact-ToDo) are broken releasable
  • Groupboxes
    • does not report a minimum size that allows it to show the text on the box. I.e. a groupbox with no contents, the groupbox-title is clipped. releasable
  • Buttons on KNewStuff download dialog do not appear


  • reverse layout
  • high-contrast color schemes (i.e. all fg/bg black or white)
  • reverse-light/dark color schemes (e.g. light-on-dark buttons with dark-on-light views, etc.)
  • tabs, in all directions
  • no gray space between scrollbar and the text area it controls.
  • sliders, scrollbars, progress - in all orientations and good cross section of values
  • content padding works for all controls, does not break sizeToContents functionality
  • controls align nicely and controls that should be the same size, are
  • no obvious glitches in uidemo

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