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KDE 4 needs to get a new icon theme (Oxygen) and at the same time transition to use the names specified in the icon-name spec. The spec is mostly incomplete at the moment so we will have to define much on it.

We have a database of old names to new names (URL available on request to jriddell)

  • Merge the current icon-name spec names into the database
  • sort out the rest of the icons with nicer names and status (new icon, new use for old icon, obsolete icon)
  • run s/old/new/ over the KDE codebase to change the names in the sources
  • move crystal icons to kdeartwork, renamed
  • rename all the oxygen files, and put into kdelibs
  • fill in the gaps with monochrome so it's obvious what still needs to be drawn

Contact Jonathan Riddell to help


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