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| kspaceduel || [[ Image:Missing_kspaceduel1.jpg ]]
| kspaceduel || [[ Image:Missing_kspaceduel1.jpg ]]
| Kleopatra || ''application icon''
| Kleopatra settings || [[ Image:Missing_kleopatra.jpg ]]
| Kleopatra settings || [[ Image:Missing_kleopatra.jpg ]]

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List of KDE4 missing icon on applications with screenshots.

Please delete images from techbase when removing fixed icons from the list!!!

Kwin File:Missingkwin1.png
Kwin File:Missing kwin2.png
Kaddressbook -> Edit contact -> Misc File:Missing kaddressbook.jpg
Konqueror, Settings -> Configure toolbars File:Missing konq toolbar4.jpg
Sweeper, app icon File:Missing sweeper app.jpg
Kpatience, toolbar File:Missing kpatience toolbar.jpg
Kalzium, toolbar Missing kalzium toolbar.jpg
Kstars, menu File:Missing Kstars menu.jpg
kalzium, element informations File:Missing Kalzium element info.jpg
Knode "new message" icon missing when knode is embedded in kontact File:Missing Knode.jpg
Ligature, menu: help File:Missing Ligature menu 3.jpg
Ligature, menu: settings File:Missing Ligature menu 1.jpg
Ligature -> app icon File:Missing Ligature app icon.jpg
Ligature -> toolbar: tools File:Missing Ligature toolbar.jpg
Ligature -> menu: tools File:Missing Ligature menu 2.jpg
korganizer -> todo icon File:Missing Korganizer todo.jpg
ktip: app icon File:Missing Ktip.jpg
systemsettings -> sound -> ESD device Missing Systemsettings sound ESD.jpg
KTorrent, log plugin icon File:Missing Ktorrent log plugin.jpg
Kickoff: shutdown and restart icons File:Missing kickoff2.jpg
Kate, tools menu Missing kate tools.jpg
Dolphin, audio file preview Missing audio preview.jpg
Okular, review toolbar: stamp symbol, black underline File:Missing okular review toolbar.jpg
Kopete: ICQ User informations File:Missing kopete icq info.jpg
Knode settings File:Missing knodes conf.jpg
Konqueror, remote:/ File:Missing konqueror remote.jpg
Ligature settings ("accessibility" is corrected, old screenshot) File:Missing ligature.jpg
Kphotoalbum settings ("thumbnail view" corrected) File:Missing kphotoalbum1.jpg
Kphotoalbum keywords category icon File:Missing kphotoalbum.jpg
Kiconedit settings ("background" corrected) Missing kiconedit.jpg
kgraphviewer settings Missing kgraphviewer.jpg
Konqueror -> extensions -> micro format Missing konqueror plugin micro-format1.jpg
Konqueror tools ("change browser identification" corrected) Missing konqueror menu.jpg
Kftpgrabber settings File:Missing kftpgrabber1.jpg
Kftpgrabber Missing kftpgrabber.jpg
File sharing config dialog File:Missing filesharing.jpg
kspaceduel Missing kspaceduel1.jpg
Kleopatra settings Missing kleopatra.jpg
Kjots toolbar File:Missing Kjots2.jpg
Kjots settings File:Missing kjots1.jpg
kgpg settings File:Missing kgpg a.jpg
Kuser settings File:Missing kuser2.jpg
kmenuedit toolbar File:Missing kmenuedit1.jpg
kcontroledit toolbar File:Missing kcontroledit a.jpg
kcontactmanager toolbar Missing kcontactmanager a.jpg
Kbugbuster settings Missing kbugbuster b.jpg
Kbugbuster toolbar File:Missing kbugbuster a.jpg
KBlackBox toolbar Missing kblackbox a.jpg
krandrtray application icon
Kinfocenter. On the treeview, all entries without the icon show the “?” near description. Missing kinfocenter a.jpg
Umbrello Settings ("font" corrected) File:Missing umbrello a.jpg
Kmix, "hide mixer window" icon File:Missing kmix a.jpg
Kdf File:Missing kdf a.jpg
Konqueror settings: Configure toolbars
  • "reload all tabs" corrected
  • "settings" corrected
  • "split view top/bottom" corrected
  • "storage media" corrected
  • "system" corrected
File:Missing konqueror toolbar z.jpg
Konqueror settings: Configure toolbars (2) File:Missing konqueror toolbar j.jpg
kword, custom document Missing kword custom document.jpg
Kthesaurus, missing app icon

bug #49983

Missing kthesaurus.jpg
Kcoloredit toolbar Missing kcoloredit.jpg
"Javascript error" on konqueror File:Missing konqueror javascript error.jpg

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