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|  Kickoff, various missing icons See  {{bug|153377}} for further details  ||  [[ Image:Missing_kickoff_a.jpg  ]]
|  Kickoff, various missing icons See  {{bug|153377}} for further details  ||  [[ Image:Missing_kickoff_a.jpg  ]]
|   ||  [[   ]]
| Kate, tools menu  ||  [[ Image:Missing_kate_tools.jpg  ]]
|    ||  [[   ]]
|    Dolphin, audio file preview  ||  [[ Image:Missing_audio_preview.jpg  ]]
|    ||  [[  ]]
|    ||  [[  ]]

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List of KDE4 missing icon on applications with screenshots.

The old list of icons reported by FiNeX is still on: http://www.finex.org/missing_icons. On that list, icons will not be added anymore. Only fixed icons will be removed. Please use this wiki page for report new missing icons!

Kwin File:Missingkwin1.png
Kwin File:Missing kwin2.png
Kaddressbook -> Edit contact -> Misc File:Missing kaddressbook.jpg
Konqueror, Settings -> Configure toolbars File:Missing konq toolbar4.jpg
Sweeper, app icon File:Missing sweeper app.jpg
Kpatience, toolbar File:Missing kpatience toolbar.jpg
Kalzium, toolbar Missing kalzium toolbar.jpg
Kstars, menu File:Missing Kstars menu.jpg
kalzium, element informations File:Missing Kalzium element info.jpg
Knode "new message" icon missing when knode is embedded in kontact File:Missing Knode.jpg
Ligature, menu: help File:Missing Ligature menu 3.jpg
Ligature, menu: settings File:Missing Ligature menu 1.jpg
Ligature -> app icon File:Missing Ligature app icon.jpg
Ligature -> toolbar: tools File:Missing Ligature toolbar.jpg
Ligature -> menu: tools File:Missing Ligature menu 2.jpg
korganizer -> todo icon File:Missing Korganizer todo.jpg
ktip: app icon File:Missing Ktip.jpg
systemsettings -> sound -> ESD device Missing Systemsettings sound ESD.jpg
KTorrent, log plugin icon File:Missing Ktorrent log plugin.jpg
Kickoff: shutdown and restart icons File:Missing kickoff2.jpg
Kickoff, various missing icons See bug #153377 for further details File:Missing kickoff a.jpg
Kate, tools menu Missing kate tools.jpg
Dolphin, audio file preview Missing audio preview.jpg
[[ ]]

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