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The Nepomuk development is split across many different repositories across KDE. The page attempts to list out most of the known Nepomuk code, and its development location. The list has been split according to importance.

Main Repositories

These are the official repositories which the core Nepomuk team focuses on.


NepomukCore, which is the main repository for Nepomuk development, was released with KDE 4.9. It is a combination of both the Nepomuk libraries present in kdelibs, and certain run time components present in kde-runtime.

All Nepomuk enabled applications must depend on NepomukCore. It utilizes the Nepomuk2 namespace.

  • Repository: kde:nepomuk-core
  • Category: Core
  • Activity: High
  • Developers: Sebastian Trueg <>, Vishesh Handa <>

KIO slaves

For a brief introduction on kioslaves, please read this.

Nepomuk currently consists of 3 kio-slaves - nepomuk, nepomuksearch, and timeline. Out of these 3, nepomuksearch and timeline are the most visible. The nepomuk kioslave is an internal kioslave which redirects to the nepomuksearch kioslave.

Repository: kde-runtime/nepomuk/kioslaves


Nepomuk consists of 2 main user visible components. The Nepomuk KCM and the controller, which is uses to pause/resume indexing. The plan is to eventually move these out of kde-runtime, but that will probably only happen with KDE Frameworks 5.

Repository: kde-runtime/nepomuk/kcm

Nepomuk Widgets

Nepomuk provides some simple widgets which are use across various applications. The most notable ones are the tagging, and rating widgets. This code is fairly old and needs to be ported to Nepomuk2.

Current repository which shouldn't be used kdelibs/nepomuk/ui. It should ideally be moved to a separate repository called nepomuk-ui-widgets. This is a blocker for porting Dolphin, PIM and Gwenview to Nepomuk2.

Development Tools

Nepomuk consists of a development tool called 'nepomukshell' which can be used to browse the Nepomuk database, and to run SPARQL queries.

Repository: kde:nepomukshell



Soprano provides a Qt based wrapper over virtuoso, and additional serializing and parsing features which are used to load the ontologies. It follows an independent release schedule.

  • Repository: kde:soprano


The Strigi project is divided into 5 sub projects. Nepomuk uses 2 of these sub projects - libstreams and libstreamanalyzer for indexing files. Nepomuk merely calls upon strigi to provide it with the file metadata. It pushes the data on it own.

The strigi code base is currently not maintained. It only occasionally get some bug fixes by Nepomuk developers.

Provide a link to its repository.

Secondary work

Web Extractor

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