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This is a starting page for all relevant KWin documentation, most of which is stored in SVN or on external WWW pages.

General information

Developer information

  • HACKING - Starting document for developers interested in helping with developing KWin, including information on the KWin mailing list, KWin structure, developing tips, etc.
  • libkdecoration API documentation - API documentation for the library used for developing KWin decorations (the link points to documentation for the current development version, for other versions: 4.0 ).
  • clients/PORTING - List of changes needed to port decorations from KDE3 to KDE4.
  • KWin decorations HOWTO - tutorial on writing KWin decorations. Note that it is written for KDE3.2, but it is also usable for newer versions (see also the PORTING document above)
  • COMPOSITE_TODO - TODO list for compositing support in KWin.
  • libkwineffects API documentation - Documentation on API for compositing effects - currently needs to be done, developers interested in developing compositing effects for KWin are currently suggested to use source of already existing effects shipped with KWin (especially the Howto effect in the tests/ directory as a starting point) and/or ask on the KWin mailing list if necessary. NOTE: This API is currently considered unstable and subject to change.


  • COMPOSITE_HOWTO - document on setting up support for compositing feature of KWin (X.Org configuration, driver issues, etc.).
  • CONFIGURING - document on advanced KWin configuration (such as pre-configuring window-specific settings).

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