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Names are just temporary. Infos can be as well. Please don't trust this page as probably most of the things are going to heavily change during this 1 month developement marathone.

The Bundler

This class is meant to provide a non-GUI and class to manage KNS packages. It's meant to be used from application themselves.

It will be able to:

  • Unpack packages
  • Map package files to standard QFiles
  • more...


  • Bundler(QString/QFile filename) Creates a bundler that operates on the given package. Note that the package needs to be unpacked somewhere first, so operating on a dir is much faster
  • Bundler(KUrl dir) Creates a bundler that operates on the given directory.
  • extractTo(KUrl baseDir) Extracts (installs) the package into the given baseDir. It's not the directory where the package itself will be extracted, but the one called 'newstuff/' here.
  • KPluginInfo metadata() Returns a pluginInfo object. You can retrive most of the metadata from it.
  • QFile mapFile(QString filename)
  • ...

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