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==== View toolbar ====
==== View toolbar ====
* <font color="#000000">Show stars</font>
* <font color="#00AA00">Show stars</font>
* <font color="#000000">Show deep-sky</font>
* <font color="#00AA00">Show deep-sky</font>
* <font color="#000000">Show solar system</font>
* <font color="#00AA00">Show solar system</font>
* <font color="#000000">Show constellation lines</font>
* <font color="#00AA00">Show constellation lines</font>
* <font color="#000000">Show constellation names</font>
* <font color="#00AA00">Show constellation names</font>
* <font color="#000000">Show constellation boundaries</font>
* <font color="#00AA00">Show constellation boundaries</font>
* <font color="#000000">Show Milky Way</font>
* <font color="#00AA00">Show Milky Way</font>
* <font color="#000000">Show coordinate grid</font>
* <font color="#00AA00">Show coordinate grid</font>
* <font color="#000000">Show opaque ground</font>
* <font color="#00AA00">Show opaque ground</font>
=== Centering and tracking ===
=== Centering and tracking ===

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List of expected behaviors for KStars 4.0.

Please test these behaviors, and indicate whether it works correctly or not. Once a behavior has been tested, attach one of the following codes to the beginning of the line to indicate its status.

  • No symbol or Black: behavior not yet tested
  • * or Red: behavior causes KStars to crash
  • X or Orange: behavior is broken
  • B or Yellow: behavior sort-of works, or is buggy
  • U or Cyan: Usability issue
  • C or Green: behavior works correctly

Mouse Navigation

  • Moving the mouse shows the current sky coordinates of the mouse in the statusbar.
  • Clicking the mouse identifies the nearest object in the statusbar; the object's "long name" is shown
  • Hovering the mouse attaches a temporary label to the nearest object.
  • Hover labels fade out when the mouse moves
  • Hover labels only appear when the map is not in motion
  • Double-clicking attaches a label to the nearest object, centers it in the display, and engages tracking.
  • The double-click label is removed when the object is no longer centered
  • Click-and-drag moves the map such that the cursor remains roughly in the same place in the sky.
  • Dragging the sky disengages tracking
  • Dragging the sky to one of the poles does not cause odd behavior
  • Click-and-drag with Ctrl pressed draws a rectangle in the map that defines a new area to be displayed when the mouse button is released
  • Click-and-drag with the middle mouse button zooms in and out according to the vertical motion of the mouse
  • Scrolling the mouse wheel zooms in and out.
  • Right-click opens a context-sensitive popup menu for the object nearest the mouse cursor.

Keyboard commands

  • Arrow keys: scroll the display. Holding Shift increases the speed
  • [0-9] center on a major solar system body (0 is the sun, 3 is the moon; the rest are planets in order from Mercury to Pluto)
  • [<,>] Advance clock forward/backward by one time step (clock will be paused if it isn't already)

Object Actions:

  • C: Track object
  • D: Open the Details window
  • L: Attach/Remove the label
  • O: Add object to Observing List
  • T: Attach/remove trail (solar system only)
  • Pressing Shift targets action on the focused object, rather than the clicked object

Menu functions and keyboard shortcuts

If a menu action opens a window, the window's behavior is listed elsewhere. Just check to see if it opens here.

File Menu

  • New window [Ctrl+N] <<Disabled>>
  • Close Window [Ctrl+W] <<Disabled>>
  • Download new data [Ctrl+D]
  • Open FITS file [Ctrl+O]
  • Save Sky image [Ctrl+I]
  • Run script [Ctrl+R]
  • Print [Ctrl+P] (print dialog opens)
  • Quit [Ctrl+Q]

Time Menu

  • Set time to now [Ctrl+E]
  • Set time [Ctrl+S]
  • Start/Stop clock

Pointing Menu

  • Zenith [Z]
  • North [N]
  • East [E]
  • South [S]
  • West [W]
  • Set focus manually [Ctrl+M]
  • Find object [Ctrl+F]
  • Engage/Stop tracking [Ctrl+T]

View Menu

  • Zoom in [Ctrl++]
  • Zoom out [Ctrl+-]
  • Default zoom [Ctrl+Z]
  • Zoom to angular size [Ctrl+Shift+Z]
  • Full-screen mode [Ctrl+Shift+F]
  • Horizontal/Equatorial Coordinates [Space]
  • Projections sub-menu (test switching only here)

Devices Menu

Telescope wizard
  • Help button displays KStars hand book.
  • Next/Back buttons work.
  • Listed telescopes reflect system + user added telescopes.
  • Setting Time and Location open the appropriate dialog boxes and perform the correct time or location updates.
  • Setting port name initiate a scan for that specific port, whereas leaving the port empty initiates a complete auto port scan. Both actions can be canceled at any time.
  • Automatic port scan.
Telescope properties
  • Telescope list reflect system & user added telescope.
  • Selecting a telescope update all property fields.
  • Removing a telescope shows a confirmation box.
  • Saving updated properties works.
Device manager
INDI Control panel
Capture image sequence
  • Capture image sequence is automatically enabled when a new capturing device is connected via INDI.
  • Prefix, count, and ISO time stamp is incorporated into the filename when selected.
  • Filter selection.
Configure INDI

Tools Menu (test opening tools only here)

  • Calculator [Ctrl+C]
  • Observing List [Ctrl+L]
  • AAVSO Light Curves [Ctrl+V]
  • Altitude vs. Time [Ctrl+A]
  • What's Up Tonight [Ctrl+U]
  • Glossary [Ctrl+K] <<disabled>>
  • Script Builder [Ctrl+B]
  • Solar System [Ctrl+Y]
  • Jupiter's Moons [Ctrl+J]

Settings Menu

  • Infoboxes Display toggles
  • Toolbar display toggles
  • Toolbar customization
  • Statusbar display toggles
  • Color scheme toggles
  • Field-of-view (FOV) Symbol selector
  • FOV Editor
  • Geographic Location [Ctrl+G]
  • Configure KStars
  • Startup Wizard

Help Menu

  • KStars Handbook [F1]
  • What's this?
  • Report Bug
  • About KStars
  • About KDE


Main toolbar

  • Zoom in/out
  • Find object...
  • Stop/Start clock
  • Timestep widget

View toolbar

  • Show stars
  • Show deep-sky
  • Show solar system
  • Show constellation lines
  • Show constellation names
  • Show constellation boundaries
  • Show Milky Way
  • Show coordinate grid
  • Show opaque ground

Centering and tracking

  • Center+Track on object (double-click, popup menu, click then press "C")
  • Center+Track on empty sky (double-click, popup menu)
  • If requested position moves display below horizon, confirm dialog is shown
  • If startup position is below horizon, recenter dialog is shown
  • Information in "Focus" InfoBox updates correctly when recentering

Info boxes

  • Displayed with semi-transparent backgound
  • Highlight color on click
  • "Shade" on double-click
  • Move on drag
  • Collision avoidance works
  • "Stick" to screen edges
  • Remember position and shade-state on restart

Color schemes

  • Show all available schemes, incl. predefined and custom
  • All color settings change upon selecting a new scheme
  • Color settings persistent on reload
  • Custom scheme appears in menu after creating in in the Configure dialog (not selected)
  • Custom scheme is removed from menu if it is removed in the Configure dialog


Download new data

  • Dialog displays all available download items (Steinicke NGC catalog, Ephemerides, Messier catalog thumbnails, Thumbnails for details window, updated DST rules)
  • Each item gets downloaded and installed correctly

FITS viewer

  • File open dialog displays only FITS files.
  • FITS image is opened and displayed properly.
  • Image coordinates, pixel value, image dimensions, and zoom value are displayed in status bar.
  • Undo/Redo work[3]
  • Zoom in/out, Default zoom
  • Statistics
  • FITS header
  • Closing without save issues a warning dialog[3]
  • Save and Save As work
Histogram tool
  • Range of pixel values can be updated with edit boxes or by dragging the blue/red symbols
  • Slider symbols reset after clicking Apply

Save sky image

  • Saves image to file: Doesn't seem to save GIF
  • Image matches screen display (without FOV or infobox overlays)

Run script

  • Executes the selected script.
  • Statusbar messages indicate script is running/finished.


  • Prints image of current skymap (without infoboxes or FOV symbols)
  • Ask to reset color scheme if background is not white
  • Color scheme is properly reset for printing, and reverted afterward

Set time

  • Simulation clock is set to selected time
  • Selected date displayed properly in calendar widget
  • It is not possible to select an invalid date

Set focus manually

  • Setting RA/Dec coordinates works [1]
  • Setting Az/Alt coordinates works

Find object

  • Filter by name works
  • Filter by type works
  • Highlighted object is centered in map when user hits return or presses Ok
  • Dialog message when a match fails; window does not close
  • Up/Down arrow keys navigate the list of objects

Zoom to angular size

  • Zoom is set to display the angle entered
  • Min/max values make sense

FOV symbol editor

  • Selected symbol is shown in preview pane
  • Creating a new symbol works
  • Editing an existing symbol works
  • Removing a symbol works (if this symbol is currently in use, what should happen?)

Geographic location

Startup Wizard

  • Set Geographic location works
  • Download Extra Data works

Object Details (from popup menu)

Image viewer (from popup menu)

  • Selected image is shown; window is sized to fit image
  • Authorship and copyright in statusbar
  • Save button works

Popup menu



  • Julian Day calculator works correctly, both ways.: Doesn't refresh date upon changing JD
  • Sidereal Time Calculator works correctly, both ways.
  • Information displayed in the Almanac seems correct.
  • Equinoxes and Solstices displayed are correct
  • Equatorial to Galactic Coords conversion works
  • Conversion from Equatorial to Horizontal coordinates is accurate[2]
  • Horizontal Coordinates UI:Horizontal Coordinates are not updated upon changing geographic location
  • Ecliptic Coordinates tool UI: Fields don't update on changing date/time
  • Data shown in the ecliptic coordinates tool seems accurate
  • Angular distance tool UI works as expected
  • Angular distances reported seem accurate
  • Geodetic coordinates UI works as expected
  • Data displayed by Geodetic coordinates tool seems correct
  • LSR Velocity tool UI works as expected
  • LSR Velocity tool seems to produce correct results
  • Planet Coordinates tool UI behaves as expected
  • Planet coordinates shown seem accurate
  • Conjunctions tool UI behaves as expected
  • Conjunctions tool reports all conjunctions correctly

Observing List

  • Removing an object named "star"
  • Selecting by magnitude in wizard [count not updated properly]

AAVSO light curves

  • Star name and designation lists are synchronized properly.
  • Downloading new list from AAVSO updates the stars lists.
  • Retrieve Curve buttons downloads and displays the light curve correctly.

Altitude vs. time

What's up tonight

  • Almanac data are correct
  • Displays objects that are visible on the given date, from the given location
  • Changing the Date works, and updates the list of objects and almanac
  • Changing the Location works, and updates the list of objects and almanac
  • Selecting Evening/Morning/All Night works, and updates the list of objects
  • Selected object is displayed in right panel correctly
  • The Rise/Set/Transit data are correct
  • Center Object button works
  • Details button works

Script builder

Solar system

Jupiter's moons

Details window

  • Displays object information
  • Testing Resource links works
  • Editing Resource links works
  • Removing resource links works
  • Interacting with online databases works

Thumbnail Picker

  • Displays list of images found via Google image search
  • Selecting an image from the list displays it in the viewer
  • Editing the image works
  • Closing the window places the selected image in the Details window
  • KIO jobs are terminated in the console after quitting KStars


Configuration window

Sky Projections

  • Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area
  • Azimuthal Equidistant
  • Orthographic
  • Equirectangular [mouse nav broken; arrow keys work]
  • Streographic
  • Gnomonic [cpu 100% at low zoom, eventually crashes]

Discovered issues:

Use this section to add issues discovered while testing the program that are not listed above.

  • KStars doesn't know my city's coordinates, while Marble does. Could not they share the a common datasheet with cities' positions?
  • Need to fix DeepSkyComponent::init() so that downloaded ngcic??.dat files will be merged into one ngcic.dat file, as the 4.0 code now expects.
  • Observing log data and user added links don't seem to be saved between restarts of KStars


Add footnotes describing issues noted in the main list here.

[1]: Should the epoch box be preset to the current clock's epoch, rather than J2000? [2]: Horizontal Coordinates seem to take time zone of geographic location into account. Is this desirable? It would help if the timezone used is specified. [3]: I don't seem to be able to make any changes

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