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This page is a community effort to document the procedure to build various versions of KStars for KDE4 on various platforms and environments. We have a [[../Building KStars KF5|separate page for the Frameworks5 version]].
See [[../Building KStars KF5|Building KStars From Sources]].
== Why build from source? ==
Typically, you would want to build KStars from source if you plan to develop KStars, or stay on the bleeding edge and contribute valuable feedback.
== Prerequisite Packages ==
To build and develop KStars, several packages may be required from your distribution. Here's a list.
=== Required dependencies ===
* GNU Make, GCC -- Essential tools for building
* kdelibs -- KDE libraries
* cmake -- buildsystem used by KDE
* eigen -- linear algebra library
* zlib -- compression library
=== Optional dependencies ===
* libcfitsio -- FITS library
* libindi -- Instrument Neutral Distributed Interface, for controlling equipment.
=== Installing these packages ===
To install all of these, use the following commands:
==== Debian / Kubuntu ====
  sudo apt-get install build-essential cmake kdelibs5-dev libeigen3-dev libcfitsio3-dev libindi-dev zlib1g-dev extra-cmake-modules
== Documentation on building various versions ==
=== Git ===
KStars development happens on KDE's git repository. ([http://git-scm.com Git] is an open-source version control software.). The code on git is the bleeding-edge developers' version of KStars. It does break occasionally.
1) create and change into a KDE development directory:
  mkdir ~/kde; cd ~/kde
2) to fetch the KStars source code:
  git clone git://anongit.kde.org/kstars
3) create and change into a build directory for compilation:
  mkdir build; cd build
4) run the configure process with cmake:
  cmake ../kstars -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=debugfull -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=~/kde/usr
5) compile KStars:
6) finally install KStars:
  make install
That’s all! This installs KStars locally into the separate directory ~/kde/usr, so that your global KDE installation will not be touched at all.
Now on to starting the newly compiled KStars. Create a file ~/kde/run.sh with the following content:
  export KSTARS_DIR=~/kde/usr
  export PATH=$KSTARS_DIR/bin:$PATH
  # update KDE's system configuration cache
  # start app
Make the script executable with chmod 755 ~/kde/run.sh. Now you can run the compiled KStars version with `~/kde/run.sh kstars`. Just calling `kstars` directly will start the system version of KStars.
You can keep your copy up-to-date by typing `git pull --rebase` in ~/kde/kstars. Feel free to send patches to our mailing list [email protected] And join #kde-edu on irc.kde.org :–)

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