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Artikulate is a learning software that helps improving pronunciation skills.

Course and Language Contributions

We seek for non-coding contributions in essentially two areas. One area is the creation of language specifications, the other area is the contribution of courses and native speaker recordings:

Artikulate manual

What a contributor can do

In construction

Buliding Artikulate from sources

Currently it is necessary for every contributor to compile and install Artikulate by herself/himself. Having an up to date KDE SC system in your distribution (KDE SC >= 4.10) makes this rather simple.

Details on how to set up your build system and how to set up environment variables to run Artikulate please refer to:

Getting data files (artikulate-data repository)

All course material for Artikulate can be found and edited in the following repository:

For licensing information please see:

You can contribute to this repository with a KDE Developer account. But also if you do not have a KDE Developer account (yet), we are happy to get contributions. For those cases, please write to the mailing list [1].

Using the Repository Directly in Artikulate

To work with Artikulate directly at this course material repository please create a local copy of it (git clone). Then start Artikulate and go to the dialog "Settings" (top-left button) and select the root folder of your local copy in that dialog as your course material repository. After restarting Artikulate the training mode as well as the editor mode operate only on the data from the repository.

Editing course skeletons

For details on how to edit or add course skeletons to Artikulate please refer to:

Editing language courses

For details on how to edit or add new language courses please refer to:

Content is available under Creative Commons License SA 4.0 unless otherwise noted.