KDE 4 Documentation Tasks

The following task list is broken down by experience as closely as possible. It is recommended that you join #kde-docs on IRC (Freenode) and coordinate with the other members as to not create any problems or duplicate work. Currently the channel is quite slow and quiet.

If you choose to work on any of the following documents, please add your name, IRC name, and email address for communication purposes.

If you haven't yet subscribed to the KDE Documentation mailing list, please do so now at this page and say hello. Maybe provide a little bit of information as well as your experience.

Please use the English Breakfast Network while working on documentation.



EBN, or the English Breakfast Network, is a utility that both developers and documentation writers use to make sure they have created perfection for KDE. For documentation, there are 2 utilities which will make your work easier:

  1. Documentation Sanitizer - this utility within the EBN scours the trunk of the subversion repository checking the format of the documentation, discovering typos, grammar, markup, and more. This is a perfect utility for beginners looking to contribute as this tool pretty much tells you how to fix the issues.
  2. Just In Time - this utility allows you to check your code/documentation and it will provide the same information that the sanitizer above produces. Use this before committing your patches or committing to subversion.

Documentation Primer

Here is a comprehensive manual about KDE DocBooks creating.

Useful Links on Wikis


  • Location: trunk/extragear/graphics
  • Status: Needs updating and new material
  • Info: Should be a fairly straight forward process with the updating and new material addition.
  • Document writer: kde-doc-english mailing list, #kde-docs





  • Location: trunk/KDE/kdepim
  • Status: Needs a lot of updating and new material
  • Info: Check with Allen Winter (winterz) on IRC
  • Document writer: kde-doc-english mailing list, #kde-docs

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