KDE TechBase:Contributors

Welcome to the contributors page.

This site contains a list of active contributors. It should help to build teams which maintain KDE TechBase's content. If you have questions about KDE TechBase you can ask/email the corresponding person.

Please add yourself to the list where appropriate. If you are inactive, please remove yourself again.


This is a list of KDE TechBase administrators.

Reviewers and Article Writers

If you are continuously reviewing KDE TechBase changes or writing articles add yourself to the list.

  • Dhaumann, <dhaumann at kde dot org>
  • Milliams
  • James Tyrer, <tyrerj at acm dot org>
  • Odysseus, John Layt, irc: jlayt, john at layt dot net. Currently re-writing the entire Getting Started section, please don't translate as yet!
  • name, <email>

Translation Teams

KDE TechBase is translated into many languages. If you translate pages please add yourself to the right translation team.

Chinese(simplified) Team

  • Liangqi, cavendish.qi at gmail dot com
  • HualiangM, hualiang.miao at googlemail dot com
  • Yifan, enthumelon at gmail dot com
  • name, <email>

French Team

German Team

Italian Team

Portuguese (Brazil) Team

Polish Team

Spanish Team

Tamil Team

... Kerala Amrita

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