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Help:Contribute (pt BR)


You are welcome to contribute to the KDE TechBase wiki. To maintain high quality content and articles there are a few guidelines you should follow. This is a brief introduction to editing and contributing.

Qual tipo de conteúdo pertence ao KDE TechBase

O wiki KDE TechBase é utilizado para conter informação técnica relacionada ao KDE, por exemplo

Mais detalhes podem ser encontrados neste artigo Help:Wiki Structure.

Documentação para usuário final ou documentação de API não devem ser adicionados aqui. Para questões não técnicas, use o wiki KDE.

Onde colocar novos Artigos

O wiki KDE TechBase usa subpáginas. Dê uma olhada no artigo sobre a Help:Wiki Structure. In short: Do not randomly add toplevel pages.

It is possible to translate KDE TechBase articles into other languages. Read the article about Help:Wiki Translation for further details.

É possível traduzir os artigos KDE TechBase em outros idiomas. Leia o artigo sobre Help:Wiki Translation para detalhes adicionais.

O Procedimento

You want to add new content. To keep high quality, please create the article in your userpage first (e.g. User:foo/My Acticle). Once it is ready, discuss the article with other developers and proofread it. Finally, if a location is found, move the page.

After moving the page please add yourself to the watch list by clicking the Watch register. You will get a notice by mail whenever the page changes.

Editing Basics

In the KDE TechBase wiki all readers are allowed to edit content and structure.

Review Policy and Conventions

Make sure that you submit information which is relevant to the specific purpose of the wiki, or your content might be deleted. You can always use the Discussion or talk pages to ask questions or to check if your idea will be accepted. Please make sure your contributions are not violating any licenses.

Start Editing

To start editing a KDE TechBase page, click the Edit link at the tab on the top. This brings you to the edit page: a page with a text box containing the wikitext - the editable code from which the server produces the finished page. If you just want to experiment, please do so in the sandbox, not here.

Type your Changes

You can just type your text. However, also using basic wiki markup to make links and do simple formatting increases the value of your contribution. Please follow the style used in other wiki articles. If you follow this, your contributions will be more valuable as they won't need to be cleaned up later.

Summarize your Changes

Write a short edit summary in the small field below the edit-box.

Example: "Fixed a typo"

Previsão antes de salvar

Quando você terminar, clique Mostrar previsão para ver como suas mudanças ficarão antes de você torná-las permanentes. Repita o processo editar/previsão até sentir-se satisfeito, então clique em Salvar página e suas mudanças serão imediatamente aplicadas ao artigo.

Wiki Markup Reference

The wikipedia provides a quick introduction about the most important mediawiki syntax. Please read the Page editing help.

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