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Näitä sivuja kirjoitetaan parhaillaan kokonaan uudelleen kuvaamaan uutta KDE-infrastruktuuria ja ne eivät ehkä ole yhtenäisessä tilassa. Joidenkin sivujen tiedot ja komennot eivät ehkä ole enää ajan tasalla ja niitä pitäisi käyttää varovasti.




On monia eri tapoja osallistua KDE-yhteisöön, alkaen yksinkertaisesti ohjelmiston käyttämisestä aina ydinalustan kehittäjänä olemiseen.

Voit löytää lisätietoja KDE-aloittamisesta seuraavissa linkeissä:

Tämä KDE Techbase -luku on suunniteltu auttamaan siinä, kuinka aloitetaan osallistuminen KDE-yhteistön tekniseen puoleen. Se selittää sinulle, millainen KDE-ohjelmisto on rakenteeltaan ja kuinka se on rakennettu, ja kuinka itse voit osallistua KDE:n rakentamiseen.

Quickstart: If you are impatient to get started without understanding what you are doing then you can skip straight to using a Build Script, but it is strongly recommended you read this documentation first.

Using KDE Software

If you just want to use stable KDE software for your everyday computing needs, then you do not need to build KDE Software for yourself. You should instead use the software installer provided by your Linux distribution to install KDE package.

The best place to learn how to do this is through your distributions normal support channels, although you may find some useful information on the following pages:

Getting Help

If you are looking for help in using the KDE Workspace or KDE Applications then please visit the KDE UserBase.

If you have any questions or problems with building or developing KDE Software please feel free to ask for help. However, be patient while waiting for a response, and try to work through the problem yourself, we aren't going to do it all for you. Working your way through and understanding why something doesn't work is a good way to learn how to do things the right way.

Building and Running KDE Software From Source

There are several possible ways to build and install KDE software and the method you choose depends on what you want to do with the software. In particular if you are only wanting to build and develop a single application you may not need to build the entire KDE Development Platform to do so. You can read more about this on the Build Methods page.

The following sections explain the steps you need to understand and give the instructions you need to follow to successfully build KDE Software from source:

Development Model

TODO: General introduction to the dev model, release cycles, etc.

Development Tools

There are a number of Development Tools that are either required or helpful when building KDE Software. For these you will usually want to use the stable packages provided by your distribution.

You may want to use a graphical IDE for your development work:

Contributing To KDE

Once you have a copy of KDE built you can then start contributing back to KDE. The pages below will help you find out how you can help make KDE even better.

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