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emerge / emerge.py is a tool to build the kde sources and its third party requirements on MS Windows.
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To start an emerge based install, checkout the sources from the svn-directory of emerge with the following command:
<pre>svn co svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk/kdesupport/kdewin32/emerge</pre>
into a new kderoot directory. Copy the file '''kdesettings-environment.bat''' into the folder '''kderoot\etc''', rename it to '''kdesettings.bat''' and change it according to your needs.
You can get 'some' help if you run: <pre>C:\kderoot\emerge\bin>emerge --help</pre>
Below the directory '''kderoot\emerge\portage''' you have the categories as subdirectories which contain individual packages.
To build every required package for e.g. '''kdebase''' enter '''emerge kdebase'''.
If you want to make a dry run, add the option '''-p''' to it.
emerge is mostly usable together with the kdewin-installer but we're currently still working on some packages which are packaged in a wrong way.
To use emerge with the installer, you have to change the '''directory_layout''' in the '''kdesettings.bat''' to '''installer''' (see that file for more detailed information).
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