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please add some more things in the article...


I added to the article. I don't understand the comment about

"emerge is mostly usable together with the kdewin-installer". I've used the latter to install stuff to C:\KDE4, but I'm using emerge in C:\kderoot.

It doesn't seem to have any dependencies on kdewin-installer, are you saying that it can reuse those packages or the same bin directory? If so presumably I need to make my emerge DOWNLOADDIR (default C:\distfiles) match my kdewin-installer "package download path"

I noticed that kderoot\bin had

 libeay32.dll, libiconv2.dll, libintl3.dll, ssleay32.dll

before the win32libs step, but that adds new versions of these to bin.

I notice that kderoot\tmp had 561 MB of stuff in it, can this be removed?

kdesettings.bat is not adding KDEROOT\bin and KDEROOT\lib to my PATH, it's some weirdness with the if test in the batch file.

-- Skierpage 11:08, 15 November 2007 (CET)

Emerge dependancies?

It was not entirely clear where to proceed once emerge had be setup.

Adding, for instance

     "  ...will not work unless necessary prerequisites are met. These are, in the order in which they should be built:

This may be of assistance to newbie kde testers such as myself (the above list maybe incorrect).

Lots of buggs in svn code

There are some files with missing or incomplete declarations, that makes it hard to compile. :( pls fixxxx