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    Plasmoids that use the QML 2.0 declarative language to describe their user interface while having the logic of the applet, in JavaScript.

    It allows easily the declaring of an interface and to easily create things like ListViews with native Plasma theming. It is what Plasma is leaning the most towards, especially in the Mobile, MediaCenter shells.

    These tutorials were moved to Plasma Widget Tutorial. Not yet moved pages:

    What you'll need to get started with Plasmoid development
    API Reference
    The QML 2.0 Plasmoid API. Useful for referencing what is available in the runtime, and in the provided Plasma imports.

    Applet provides

    Applets can say in their metadata desktop file what features they provide: this is use to build an UI to switch an applet at runtime with other applet that provide the same feature. see List of known Provides


    These tutorials were moved to Plasma Style Tutorial.