Old Konqueror File Management bugs & wishes

Konqueror in KDE 3 is no more supported and mantained. The file management part has been substituted by Dolphin in KDE 4. Now all the old reports against it has been closed as unmantained.

This page lists bugs which could affect Dolphin in KDE 4 and interesting wishes which could be implemented. The list indicate the old bug report and some thoughts about it.

Bugs & Wishes

  • bug #81615 - File with long names could display only the first and the last part of the file name in one short row. In the half an icon could indicate that the file has been shortened and clicking on the icon the user could see the complete file name. I think this is unuseful now that we have tooltips and information panel which works well.
  • bug #89467 - Reading this bug report I've discovered that on KDE 3 when a file was renamed (inline) and the focus was moved out from the konqui window, the rename operation was cancelled. Now using Dolphim, when a file is renamed inline, if the focus is moved to another window the rename operation is "accepted". This behaviour should be considered. Remember that if the old behaviour is intended to be restored (undo the rename when the window loose the focus), attention has to be given to non standard focusing policy like "focus follow the mouse" which could interfer with renaming.
  • bug #88260 - The details view could display a column with icons for describe the file permissions (read/write/no rights). The reporter said that it could be useful for new users. I'm thinking about how could be the icons for visually indicate the rights that the user have to a file.
  • bug #95656 - When using "multicolumn" (icon view with columns arrangement), the column are fixed with even if we have only one column. If a filename is longer than the fixed with it is cropped even if there are no column on the right. Anyway having dynamical column in "multicolumn" should fix this, look at bug BUGNUMBER
  • bug #95373 - This bug is about automatic file selection on hover. It looks like this feature exists in the System Settings, but it is not implemented in Dolphin. Could it be reported against Dolphin (for implements it) or against System Settings (to remove the option)?
  • bug #98121 - Continuous rename mode: SHIFT+ENTER or CTRL+ENTER could confirm the current inline rename and starts the rename on the following file. This feature could be interesting in Dolphin too.
  • bug #106799 - This report suggest to add a "printing" feature to the file manager. The specific case is when an user want to print a list of photo. I add that it could be useful for many purpose like printing a list of fonts: when the preview is enabled I could print the font list with previews which could be nice. Anoter case is when you've a big list of files and you want a printed list.
  • bug #106336 - When an user click on the view and at the same time the view is updated by an external process, the user could click the wrong file. Some tests should be done in Dolphin too.
  • bug #114275 - This wish could be extended and re-elaborated in order to provide a better visual feedback when dropping one or more files to a directory. For example when the mouse is over a icon view (and the LMB button is pressed), the icons around the cursor should be moved and an empty space with a "↓" arrow could be painted so the user can understand that the file (or files) will be copied/moved in the directory. If the "open directory on mouse move" is disabled and the mouse is over a directory icon (not in the empty space between icons like the previous case) a "↓" arrow could be painted over the destination folder icon.

  • bug #13617 - On Dolphin in KDE 4 it should be checked the behaviour of symlinks into compressed archives
  • bug #33955 - Add "Touch" like feature in file manager.
  • bug #46371 - Using dolphin and having a bash script named "filename.jpg" show the "picture" icon, and clicking on it starts gwenview. The second comment describes some "security" issues which could be considered on KDE 4.
  • bug #55447 {{Bug|55448} - Display "file" output on the information panel
  • bug #55738 - Better backup (~) file management suggestion.
  • bug #58483 - Disable previews if previwable files are more than n (with n is a big number)


Bugs & wishes which was filled under Konqueror/general

  • bug #13617 - On Dolphin in KDE 4 it should be checked the behaviour of symlinks into compressed archives
  • bug #33955 - Add "Touch" like feature in file manager.

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