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== 其他 ==
== 其他 ==
* [[../Kwin/HW|硬件列表]] - 关于KWin和不同的硬件组合(主要讨论组件支持)
* [[../KWin/HW|硬件列表]] - 关于KWin和不同的硬件组合(主要讨论组件支持)

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  • KWin邮件列表
  • COMPLIANCE - a document on KWin's compliance to the window manager specifications ICCCM and EWMH (又被称为NETWM).
  • [[../KWin/4.0-release-notes|KDE4.0发布说明]] - information about changes and new features in KWin in KDE4.0
  • [[../KWin/Bugreports|缺陷报告]] - information about KWin bugreports in KDE bugzilla


  • HACKING - 快速入门手册,为KWin初学者准备的。同时包括 KWin邮件列表, KWin结构,开发小技巧等。
  • libkdecoration API 文档 - API documentation for the library used for developing KWin decorations (the link points to documentation for the current development version, for other versions: 4.0 ).
  • clients/PORTING - 从KDE3到KDE4移植所需要做得变更。
  • KWin decorations HOWTO - tutorial on writing KWin decorations. Based on KDE3.2 and as such slightly outdated, but it is still usable for newer versions (see also the PORTING document above). Note that current decorations should use KCommonDecoration class instead of KDecoration directly like this tutorial does.
  • COMPOSITE_TODO - TODO list for compositing support in KWin.
  • libkwineffects API文档 - Documentation on API for compositing effects - 目前正在进行中, developers interested in developing compositing effects for KWin are currently suggested to use source of already existing effects shipped with KWin (especially the Howto effect in the tests/ directory as a starting point) and/or ask on the KWin mailing list if necessary. 注意: 该应用程序接口目前尚不稳定而且随时会改变。


  • COMPOSITE_HOWTO - document on setting up support for compositing feature of KWin (X.Org配置, 驱动程序问题等)。
  • CONFIGURING - document on advanced KWin configuration (such as pre-configuring window-specific settings).


  • [[../KWin/HW|硬件列表]] - 关于KWin和不同的硬件组合(主要讨论组件支持)

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