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Using the Translate system015:29, 2 April 2012

Using the Translate system

Hi - translating a page in the old way, as you have done, results in a page that is difficult to keep in sync with new additions. This is one of the most important reasons for having our Translate system, which gives feedback to translators if changes are made to a page.

To use the system you simply need to use the "Get a Translator Account" link in the sidepanel. This is usually activated within a few hours, after which you will see new links appear on all translatable pages (below the page name). (If you want to translate something that doesn't yet show such a link, let us know and we'll fix that). Using the link, and the combiboxes to set language etc., you will find it easy to navigate your way through a translation.

The new style language bar appears after someone creates a partial translation in any language - so if it's not on a page, it means you would be the first to translate that page within the system.

Annew15:29, 2 April 2012

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