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ToDo for kdebindings

Finish qyotoassemblygen / re-generate the C# sources for KDE 4.4

qyotoassemblygen is a project that I started to generate the C# assemblies utilizing the smoke libs, so that the assemblies can easily be autogenerated. The code is in /trunk/playground/bindings/qyotoassemblygen. The goal is to keep this as generic as possible so that it can also be used with non-qt-based bindings (thinking of Wt for example). This will probably not be finished in time for KDE 4.4, so re-generating the C# sources from the current headers would be fine as well. This involves another round of kalyptus, though.

Some things that would be cool in qyotoassemblygen:

  • more implicit conversions:
   - QColor <-> System.Drawing.Color
   - QRect, QRectF, QPoint, QPointF, QSize, QSizeF (System.Windows.Point/Size)
  • implement ICloneable for copyable classes
  • proper .NET Event support. If a signal is overloaded, implement some kind of scoring system for parameters, so that the signal with the highest score will be mapped to an Event (.NET Events can't be overloaded).

Finish the windows port

The code itself should work pretty much out-of-the-box now, there are just a few things that still need to be done:

  • remove the 'lib' prefix from all the P/Invoke calls

Give the CMake scripts some love

We currently have a load of ENABLE_FOO variables in the CMake scripts. Ideally we should get rid of them and add macro_find_optional calls. A feature log at the end of the configuration stage would also be nice. In case someone doesn't want e.g. Nepomuk bindings, he can still pass WITH_Nepomuk=OFF

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