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KDE4_ADD_APP_ICON(appsources pattern)
  • Mac OS X and Windows only: Adds application icon to target source list. This macro adds an application icon to the specified target. Mac OS X notes: the application icon is added to a Mac OS X bundle so that Finder and friends show the right thing. You need to provide a 128x128 version of the icon for this to work. Windows notes: the application icon(s) are compiled into the application binary.
    1. 'appsources' - specifies the list of source files
    2. 'pattern' - regular expression for searching application icons


KDE4_ADD_APP_ICON(myapp_sources "pics/cr*-myapp.png")
KDE4_ADD_APP_ICON(myapp_sources "${KDE4_INSTALL_DIR}/share/icons/oxygen/*/apps/myapp.png")
#set_source_files_properties(${khtmldom_STAT_SRCS} PROPERTIES COMPILE_FLAGS ${KDE4_ENABLE_EXCEPTIONS})

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