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This Project is about making KDE4 better on low resolution devices such as eeePC and other mini laptops.


KDE4 has several problems with low resolution devices, some things even don't work correct in standard resolutions like XGA or WXGA.

Following applications are not completely shown in low resolutions (800x600) which makes them unusable without tricks:

  • system settings
    • window behavior
    • accessibility
    • regional & language
    • date & time
    • display (what a irony :) )
    • joystick
    • keyboard & mouse
    • sound (only if you maximize the window)
    • audio cd
    • cddb retrieval
    • file associations
    • kde wallet
    • nepomuk
    • service manager
    • session manager
    • solid
    • login manager
  • QT4 Settings

Following problems exist related to low resolution devices:

  • switching from a higher resolution to a lower one makes problems with K menu if K menu has been configured on a size larger then low resolution
  • KMail is almost unusable with 640x480. Just look at these Screenshots from KMail compared to Apples In KMail you can't see anything of the mail content while gives a quite good overview.

This is just a first view. Feel free to add more applications with problems on low resolution devices.


Here we could make a play how to make KDE4 better on such devices :)

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