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KatePart Search Bar

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Usability issues and improvement ideas

Incremetal search bar

  • Do we need a clear button for the search pattern line edit? (#161415) // sping

Power search and replace bar

  • Bar is too wide and makes window grow on open (#159954, Mail by Chusslove Illich) // sping
  • Bar is quite high // sping
  • Is switching modes (e.g. "Plain Text" to "Whole words") easy enough? // sping
  • Are the "Add..." buttons used at all? Remove or move into context menue? // sping
  • Checkboxes: How often are they toggled? The state of which does the user need to see? // sping
  • "Use Placeholders" - better name? // sping
  • Add option for selecting match or just highlighting? (#130396) // sping
  • Mode combo box and "Add..." button next to each other as of now set a rather high minimal width for the search pattern line edit above // sping
  • Number of replacements made is not shown anywhere // sping
  • Tab-Order of the replace bar --> I think the order should be: 1. Find, 2. Replace, 3. ... same as now // mat69

Both editions

  • Remove From cursor option and make enabled default? // sping
  • "Reached buttom, continue from top" indication spans two lines which also grows/shrinks the height of the bar (#168687, #170279) // sping

Decision proposals with rationale

  • <to come>

Decisions with rationale

  • <to come>


Current incremental search bar (2008-09-23)

Current power search and replace bar (2008-09-23)

New power search mockup by Jens Bache-Wiig (jbache) (2008-06-20)

Note: Meant to come with button images

v2 mockup by sping (2008-09-25)

Minimal width

Wider than minimum (to show grow behavior)

v3 by sping (2008-09-28)

Sizes: 50%, 100%


Hey all, I created a pretty lightweight mockup. Not sure how to upload pictures here so its an external link.

>> [1]

Are the options on the bottom line really so important? I find I rarely change search option from search to search. So "Plain text", "Match case" and "Highlight all" should not need to be so readily accessible. 18:20, 26 September 2008 (CEST)


  • Topic
    • [+] Lisa Allforit
    • [-] Joe Saysno
  • "Find:" label should align right (like before)
    • [+] Aaron Seigo
    • [+] André
    • [+] sping
  • "Selection only" needs a visible/accessible toggle
    • [+] Jason Stubbs
    • [+] Aaron Seigo
    • [-] sping
  • "Highlight all" does not need a visible/accessible toggle
    • [+] Jason Dubbs
    • [+] Aaron Seigo
    • [+] sping