Accounted created to help out in bug triage.

Usual konqueror bugs that do not belong in konqueror:

  • Image errors -> kdelibs
  • ftp / sftp / stuff like that -> respective kio
  • Column views and stuff -> kdelibs (not sure on this one yet)
  • Toolbars editing has bugs -> kdelibs

Bugs repeatedly duplicated on kde 3.5 :

  • Konqueror doesn't react to file changes until refresh.
  • Refresh is needed to open certain pages.
  • Kfind crashes if interrupted.

Bugs repeatedly duplicated on kde 4.1 :

  • Slow scrolling due to nvidia drivers ( and maybe with Intel too ), but it's a Qt / nvidia problem , XRender stuff.
  • Crash on ebay. A "fix" made this stop.
  • Crash on gmail.

Bugs repeatedly duplicated on kde 4.1 and 3.5:

waiting for feedback at least on these:

not on these though:

for the devs:

to find out:

  • why can I see animated gifs in Arch through the normal compilation method but not in Opensuse 11.0 ( and for that matter most of the triagers ).

  • why can i see this png ( ) in Arch with 3.5.9 and not in Opensuse 11.0 3.5.9 . Also, why can I see it konqueror 4.0.85 in Opensuse 11.0 but not in compiled trunk in Arch. jeezus...

wrong product maybe :

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