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Using Windows Server 2008 with KDE 4.0.73 and Qt4.4. Things I have found:


These bugs don't happen in KDE4.0.73.

  • bug #154859 - MS-Windows drive letter appears as "Custom Path".
  • bug #158038 - Duplicate of above.
  • bug #156159 - Problems with drive letter in path. Doesn't happen. Though, "x:" not working in Dolphin.
  • bug #160037 - Changing to view other than Icons crashes Dolphin.
  • bug #156456 - Renaming the same file multiple times crashes. Doesn't happen in KDE4.0.73.
  • bug #156446 - Adding ".jpg" extension to a ".zip" filename makes dolphin unable to find it. Doesn't happen. However, it opens a new bug where directly typing a filename in to the directory bar says file not found.
  • bug #159968 - Rendering issues with text boxes.
  • bug #157469 - Rendering issue with repeating images.
  • bug #161574 - Moving items to trash fails.
  • bug #156690 - Home button not working.
  • bug #157764 - Umbrello multiplatform bug fixed in SVN.
  • bug #153565 - Help button not working.
  • bug #156458 - Dolphin fonts are wrong.


  • bug #160030 - Loading bar is fixed at 90% on Dolphin
  • bug #158034 - Dolphin cannot run executable files, even via cmd.exe CRITICAL!
  • bug #156467 - Clicking icon next to URL does not select all text as it should.

Bugs that need more INFORMATION

  • bug #161039 - Something about kcmshell4? What does it relate to konqueror?
  • bug #161071 - Something about kcmshell4? What does it relate to konqueror? Need more information.

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