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Hi, my name is Sabine Emmy Eller, I am the CCO of Vox Humanitatis.

Our aim is to create contents for KDE-Educational software like Parley and KHangMan and some games like KrossWord that are perfect to learn languages. We are concentrating on less resourced languages but to reach them also the "big" languages are needed: so contents in the mayor languages are somewhat a byproduct of our work.

Having the possibility to run these applications also on Windows is very relevant for us, because many only have windows since it is preinstalled on their computer.

We need simple how-to's to follow by people and this is the reason I am taking a closer look on Too many explanations are confusing and some simple "do this, then this, then this" is the first step to tell people what to do how.

For now I am not sure how to get things on the way - it will develop by itself.

If you need to contact me: please write an e-mail to: s.eller [at] voxhumanitatis [dot] org. I will not be here on the wiki all too often.

Cheers, Sabine

Insall KDE for Windows for Education and Games

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