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Get Sources

Before starting, the recent sources have to be downloaded. The following command will download some important cmake files and, of course, the kdebindings.

svn co svn://
svn co svn://


Now all files (not folders) from ./modules have to be placed in ./kdebindings/cmake/modules

You will find in ./kdebindings a file called CMakeLists.txt.qtruby - copy that file to CMakeLists.txt. You will overwrite a file to do it, but that doesn't matters.


Now create a directory build next to kdebindings. You will find the following commands in the beginning of the CMakeLists.txt.qtruby file.

I copied the cmake command from there, but deleted the lines DRUBY_EXECUTABLE and DRUBY_INCLUDE_PATH

To get the qtruby build with ruby v1.9 I have had to make sure that the command which ruby finds the right file version. Maybe you need to create a symbolic link or modify your PATH variable.

Perhaps there is also a simpler way.

Sometimes it is necessary to install some devel packages additionally to meet the dependencies.

With opensuse it can be done with:

su # become root
zypper in libqimageblitz-devel libkde4-devel #i install packages

When cmake quits without errors you can proceed with make and make install.

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