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Just stumped

  • bug #113215 - can't figure this one out. Text does not match in any browser.
  • bug #123552 - Change components? If so to what? Nixeagle
  • bug #124497 - I don't know what [alt] is even supposed to do. What is the bug?
  • bug #123552 - Philrod notes that he has seen something like this: the way to reproduce is you go to a website and open a text file, embedded in konqueror. Then you go to the address bar and enter some actual web site (say, It loads the website in the text component.

Test case needed

  • bug #112943 Support of CSS page-context "@page"
  • bug #115909 -- something that replicates the effect of pushing the "larger" link and makes all text on the page bigger?
    • As much of a test case as that bug needs has been produced.
  • bug #116957 -- Fairly complex, involves js in what appears to be multiple files, as well as running je-debugger,

Can't test


  • bug #115515 Bug still occurs, folks on that report seem stumped.
  • bug #124193 XLST not supported by konq, so what do we do with this?
    • grundleborg recommends asking the devs, so that is where this one goes. Nixeagle

Doing later

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