Getting trace

Debug output

This section describes how to get the debug output that KNode generates.

  • Run « kdebugdialog --fullmode ».
  • Select the « 5003 knode » debug area in the combobox at the top.
  • The select « Shell » as output for Information, Warning, Error and Fatal if it is not already done.
  • Repeat the 2 previous steps for the debug area named « 7114 kio_nntp » (This is important to get information about retrieval and posting of articles).
  • Launch KNode as you usually do, do the stuff that leads to your problem and then close KNode.
  • Then in your home directory, there should be a file name .xsession-errors that contains at its end the output you could paste in you bug report.
Take special care to remove every sensitive information (like username, password, etc. that you do not want others to see before pasting the information to a public place like a bug report!
Interesting lines starts with knode or kio_nntp.


See How to create useful crash reports

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