Panel pieces missing for a proper theming support

  • (DONE) two different svg element should be loaded by SvgPanel if the panel has a 100% width/height or not, because they need to use different illumination effects to look good
    • another elementPrefix could be used or (i prefer) simply used the one without prefixes, that will also be used as fallback when north, south etc prefixes are not available
  • (IN PROGRESS)tasks should draw their background with PanelSvg and there should be some sort of transition effect between two svgs when the task goes active/hovered
    • maybe could it become too memory consuming?
    • since complex transitions compositions probably are still far two PanelSvg will be needed that blend into each other
    • elements we will probably need: active, inactive, iconified and requesting attention, each one with a normal and a mouse over version
      • maybe pixmap coloring for mouse over effects would be enough for now?
      • animation would only be needed for transition between mouse over and not for now, maybe other transitions will be implemented when we will have more complex timelines, like discussed with aaron and bibr at tokamak
  • systray should be able to draw a svg background too
    • will also be a panelsvg but simpler without fancy animation effects
  • Desktop containment should be able to draw shadows for the panel views
    • shadows should not be done with the main panel svg (unlike the applet background we have now)
    • still to be decided: using kwin compositing when available?
    • how to draw a shadow on the desktop? it should be aware of other views, so maybe it could break the model/view concept :(
    • should be used a svg, manually painted with qpainter or used a blurring function?
  • (DONE) also breaking the model/view stuff, the panel containment should be able to set the shaped mask of the panelview window and this could make the panel autohiding harder to do

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