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This page is intended to allow for a fuller understanding of how Marble deals with Layers/Geodata. After reading this guide you should be able to:

  1. understand how marble paints geodata on top of texture data
  2. develop your own handler for geodata


The Geodata Implementation has been split into two main sections, a parser and a handler.



refers to a geodata document, this is what the parser produces if working with a set of geodata

Difference between a scene and a Data Document

Not really sure of the difference, but there is one!

Element Dictionary

an element dictionary is intended to be a static list of all of the tags in XML namespace of your geodata XML. this allows for one static list of tags and prevents large amounts of string comparisons throughout the code


  1. create a new GeoDataParser or GeoSceneParser with enum argument referring to the type of document. Enum is available in respective header files
  2. use the parser to read the file using Parser->read(String filename)
  3. extract the datadocument from the parser using parser->releaseDocument()

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