Hi, thanks for translation TechBase.

Please make sure to not create links like

Getting Started (gl)/Sources/Anonymous SVN (gl)

this is wrong, right is:

Getting Started/Sources/Anonymous SVN (gl)

The language abbreviation is always at the end. Please read how the translation works. I fixed the wrong parts already.

Thanks :) --Dhaumann 14:32, 13 August 2007 (CEST)

¡Ola Juanchinho! Estou axudando un chisco coa traducción de getting started. Agradeceríache que revisaras o que fixen (sobre todo o de "A receita", "¿Que acontece?" e "Resolución de Problemas", ¿ocorresenche títulos mellores?). ¡Grazas polo traballo que levaches! --Adrián

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