Feature List

  • CLI should take more that 1 argument
  • cache user data
  • load existing packages
  • KNS dialog


  • Generalize Package::installPackage()

Workflows / Corner-Cases


In general, Plasmagik will work in the following ways:

Packaging and Uploading
  1. User has content ready
  2. Plasmagik is opened from within an application
  3. Package Options are presented to the user
  4. Structure is presented to the user, who then fills in their data
  5. Frequent metadata is automatically filled in (Name, email, etc). The user will have to fill in metadata specific to their project (Package Name, Version Number, etc)
  6. A short description of the Package is provided as well as Release Notes which can either be written directly into the dialog or loaded from a file.
  7. The content will be packaged. Now the user can choose to save the package and/or upload the package to GHNS.
Uploading an Existing Package
  1. User has a Package that has already been packaged, either by someone else or themselves.
  2. User selects the existing package options and provides a path to the existing package.
  3. Now the User can Upload to GHNS
As a Simple Upload Dialog
  1. User has a simple one file GHNS Upload (not a package)
  2. A simple dialog will appear asking for the Authors name, email address, etc. The user must also give some metadata about their upload (Name, Version, License, Preview URL)
  3. User clicks Upload button


  1. Plasmagik is opened from somewhere (Toolbox? somewhere else?)
  2. Types of Content
  • Theme
  • Plasmoid
    • Various scripting languages
    • Not C++ as those should go directly into kdeplasma-addons
  • Wallpaper
  • Entire Desktop configuration (need to look into how to package all this)
  • anything else?

KDE Games

  • All Themable Games
  1. In the configure menu, there is a "Get New Themes" Buttons. There could be a "Upload/Share New Themes"
  2. Plasmagik opens with the "Theme" option along with any other option that the game supports. User selects "Theme".

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